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Instructor Opportunities 

Apply for the Spring 2023 - Fall 2023


Let It Out PA is seeking  Instructors that are interested in teaching Ballet, Competition Cheer, Choreographed Movements, Jazz, Hip Hop, Liturgical (Praise Dance), Tap to children/adolescents ages 2 - 17 years old.

Dance Instructors will educate and demonstrate to children skills, techniques, choreographed movements. Cheer Coach/Cheer Instructors  will instructor and demonstrate Cheers, Chants, Cheer Motions, Stunts, Jumps, and choreographed cheer dances. Additionally dance instructors and Cheer Coaches/Instructors will participate in  LIOPA monthly meetings, as well as event planning, assist in managing events, and participating in Cheer/Dance program marketing.


Requirements of Let It Out PA's Cheer and Dance Instructors:

Choreographer, Cheer Experience, Cheer Coach, Competition Cheer, Dance Experience, Dancer, Dance Major, Dance Education, and/or Dance Certification. Available to teach a Cheer and/or dance classes during the weekday. For Cheer,  available on weekends for Cheer Competitions. Actively participate in monthly instructor meetings,  special events, and marketing.


How to Apply:

Email cover letter, resume, and letter of recommendation to melissa.williams@letitoutdance.comCover Letter (Specifying interest and experience in Cheer or dance) & One letter of Recommendation 

Click on "Application" Page.

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